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7.6 Professional Development - Building an R package
Wednesday 4 September 2013, Wednesday 4 September 2.30pm - 3.50pm
Room 306, Northumberland Building

Presenter: Laurent Gatto (Cambridge)

Writing good code is not a trivial matter; maintaining, re-using and sharing it is certainly not easier. R has a dedicated mechanism for the latter challenges, which we shall investigate and apply. We will explore how to transform code snippets into parametrised functions, craft a fully fledged package and see how to distribute it to the R community. We will also briefly touch on best practices like unit testing, version control, Sweave vignettes and reproducible research.

The course will mainly be hands-on and delegates are invited to bring laptops with a working R installation (see and some of their R code to work with.


Dr Laurent Gatto is a post-doctoral research associate at the Cambridge Centre for Proteomics, University of Cambridge, UK. His research interests include data integration and computational proteomics, with special emphasis on spatial proteomics and the development of software tools facilitating reproducible research. He is an associate member of the Bioconductor project and has extensive experience in teaching R at the beginner and advanced level.