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7.3 Invited - Anti-fragility and statistical thinking
Wednesday 4 September 2013, Wednesday 4 September 2.30pm - 3.50pm
Room 314, Northumberland Building

Organised by the RSS Quality Improvement Section

A session based on exploring the ideas of Nassim Taleb, as expounded in his controversial book at the end of last year.  Notably, the debate will cover

o   In a world with intense complexity and uncertainty, is there really no point to prediction?
o   If so, is there still a role for Statisticians? Taleb obviously things so; he now calls himself a Statistician, rather than a philosopher! So, what is it?
o   A variety of views on the Anti-fragility concept from a panel of expert speakers including a philosopher, a demographer, a geologist, a statistician, and an actuary; with illustrations ranging from primitive tribes to the modern Oil and Gas industry.

Professor Tony Bendell, Services Ltd Nottingham & BPP Business School; Anti-Fragility & the Statistician
Martin Sewell, Univ of Cambridge; Philosophy, Anti-Fragility & Statistics
Stefano Santoni, Bayfield Energy Ltd; Anti-Fragility in the Oil industry
Alex Aisher, University of Sussex;  Anti-Fragility v spirits

Debate on The pros & cons of prediction, "Nate  Silver  v Nassim Taleb":
Michael Folkson (an Actuary on Sabbatical), Pro Taleb
Nigel Marriott (Marriott Statistical Consulting Ltd), Pro Nate Silver

Chair: Tony Bendell